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Today is the day where I get the standard card from the munchkins and a sweet card from my husband.  I did get a gift rom him this year (it is usually hit or miss) and I don’t get him much because whatever he wants he goes out and gets for himself.  I am so over the gift thing because usually it is a quick just grab something so she/he knows I was thinking of her/him.

I don’t know if it is because it isn’t my money (yes, it is OUR money even though I haven’t contributed to it for 7 years now) so I feel weird buying him things.  He also checks the account regularly so there is never any way to pull off  a surprise.  Well, those are my excuses anyway. 

My middle child has asked a few times these past couple of days why we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  My canned answer is “it is a day we set aside to tell the people in our lives how much we love them. ‘  He understands we exchanges cards, give hugs and kisses, and that’s about  it.   End of celebration.  Kind of boring seen through a kid’s eye, and I have to say, mine too.

I think Valentine’s day has changed for me.  I really just want a true, heartfelt expression of love-a simple gesture.  So as I sit here, with no tangible gift for my husband, I think of what gesture I could do to show how much I love him.   Something that would mean a ton to him.  Something that would show him how much I love and adore him.  Then, regrettably it pops into my head.  With an audible groan, I try think and think of other ways to show my love.  (Well, THAT one is a given.  C’mon.)  Knowing that I have already found the one gift he would love, love, love, I let my shoulders slump in defeat. 

I have to clean the house….blech!  But that is what my husband would love.  Our house isn’t by any means a candidate for the next episode of Hoarders but it is somewhat a cluttered mess of kids’ crap, mail, and random bits of stuff.  Oh yeah.  I need to clean our bathroom, vacuum, and dust.  Crap!  That is the last thing I want to do on my Sunday, double crap!  Grrrr, he better damned well know how much I love him. 

Now where in the hell are those stupid yellow rubber gloves?


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