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My view 80% of vacation

Laptop packed? Check.

Fully charged battery? Check.

Cameras charged and ready? Check.

Writing journals, notecards, and Donald Maass book packed? Check.

End of vacation writing progress?  NONE!!!!

Has anyone else ever done this? Gone on vacation intending to get in touch with your creative side?   Thought the beautiful landscape would inspire you? 

I pictured that beautiful Hawaii and its beautiful beaches with endless peace and quiet would equate to an eruption of creative juices.  (Pun intended) Not so much.  I thought of writing just a little but then the beach chair must have some sort of brain activity suction somewhere.  Literally my butt hit the chair and my writing motivation wriggled itself in the soft warm sand right along with my toes. 

I do have somewhat of an excuse.  My children and parents were with me on the first leg of the vacation so many of you mothers  know exactly what that can do for the probability of high brain function .  We can only register so much.  Did I put the 30 SPF in the backpack?   Are the pool toys in my backpack or his?  Where is the lip balm?  Oh, wait.  Let me pack a few hundred more snacks so the kids won’t bug me for another six hours about being hungry nor will I have to take them to the pool side restaurant that thinks their hot dogs must be laced with gold by the prices that want to extort. 

I had no room for the “me” stuff.  However, I absolutely loved the time with my parents and the kids.  My kids had never been to the ocean before so their enthrallment with the beach and snorkeling and all things Hawaii made my heart full.   It was like that first time when your kids saw fireworks and I am not talking the pathetic highway stand fireworks.  The ones you pack a picnic basket full of dinner, blankets, chairs, bug repellent, and plenty of cold beverages while you claim the perfect spot for the big show. 

They were so excited that my ten-year old was doing cartwheels down the beach.  My seven-year old ran through the surf as if he was auditioning for Baywatch-The Next Generation.  My four-year old dug in the sand with crappy little plastic toys and found umpteen lava rocks and coral as if each one was truly a treasure.  Those moments will stick with me forever.  We snorkeled, took a catamaran day trip to Lana’i, saw whales and spinner dolphins, shopped, ate, exercised, met new people, hiked a waterfall, oh yeah, and laid on my backside 80% of the time.   Even though I lugged my stupid laptop across 4 time zones for nothing, I think I will have some pretty wonderful memories that can lend some ideas for a story down the road. 

And for those of you that live in Hawaii….I hate you.  I mean that in the nicest way possible. 

Does anyone have any great places they visited and were inspired to write?  Any other writer mamas out there that intended to write but had the same problems I had?  Please feel free to share!!

Mahalo and Aloha,

Hallieieilu (my name in Hawaiian) (I am kidding)


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